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Current courses at Uppsala University:

Course Semester
1DL301 Database Design I Fall 2019

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My main research interests are probabilistic programming languages and probabilistic inference (esp. Monte Carlo methods).


F. Ronquist, J. Kudlicka, V. Senderov, J. Borgström, N. Lartillot, D. Lundén, L. Murray, T. B. Schön, D. Broman. Probabilistic programming: a powerful new approach to statistical phylogenetics. BioRxiv. 2020.
Equal contribution
Abstract, bioRxiv, Full text(PDF)

J. Kudlicka, L. M. Murray, T. B. Schön, F. Lindsten. Particle filter with rejection control and unbiased estimator of the marginal likelihood. In IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP). 2020.
Abstract, arXiv, Full text (PDF)

J. Kudlicka, L. M. Murray, F. Ronquist, and T. B. Schön. Probabilistic programming for birth-death models of evolution using an alive particle filter with delayed sampling. In Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (UAI), 2019.
Abstract, arXiv, Full text (PDF), Poster (PDF), One-minute video presentation

L. M. Murray, D. Lundén, J. Kudlicka, D. Broman and T. B. Schön. Delayed sampling and automatic Rao-Blackwellization of probabilistic programs. In Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics (AISTATS), 2018.
Abstract, arXiv, Full text (PDF)

Talks at conferences, seminars and guest lectures

AI within the sciences: AI in biology, Uppsala, Sweden, 29 January 2020. Talk at the IT20, a series of public talks celebrating 20 years of the Department of Information Technology, Uppsala University.

SMC for Probabilistic Programs, Uppsala, Sweden, 30 August 2019. Guest lecture at the Sequential Monte Carlo Methods course.
Slides (PDF)

Probabilistic programming for birth-death models of evolution, Uppsala, Sweden, 11 April 2019. Seminar at the Uppsala University Information Laboratory.

Teaching SQL in Database Design I, Uppsala, Sweden, 19 March 2019. Talk at the Conference on higher education pedagogy TUK 2019 organized by the Faculty of Science and Technology, Uppsala University.
Slides (PDF), Poster (PDF)

Bruk av digitale ressurser i undervisning (Using digital resources in teaching), Uppsala, Sweden, 17 October 2018. Seminar organized by the Council for Educational Development at the Faculty for Science and Technology, Uppsala University (TUR).

Probabilistic programming (together with Lawrence M. Murray), Uppsala, Sweden, 29 March 2017. Presentation at the Machine Learning Journal Club at the Department of Information Technology, Uppsala University.

Business roles

Company Role
Aplia AS, Norway Board member
Aplia Holding AS, Norway Director of the board
Safir Web AS, Norway Director of the board


You can contact me by email at jan.kudlicka (at) it.uu.se.

If you are one of my students, you can also drop by my office ITC 1136.